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      Another round of exciting mineral auctions, featuring many recently acquired specimens from the famed collection of Kay Robertson, is ending soon!!! Specimens include - just to mention a few, an impressive diamond from Russia -Ex. Pinch, a fantastic native gold cluster from Mt. Kare, an aesthetic rhodochrosite on quartz from Pasto Bueno, a rare, old liroconite from Cornwall -Ex. Robertson, a rare spinel-twin native gold from Mexico -Ex. Filer, a superb native platinum crystal from Konder, a magnificent gem danburite from Madagascar -Ex. Pinch, a historic galena & siderite from Freiberg -Ex. Harvard, a rare wittichenite from Australia -Ex. Pinch, a unique tsavorite garnet with tanzanite & pyrite from Tanzania -Ex. Pinch, a large bustamite from Broken Hill -Ex. UCSB, an incredible green zoisite from Pakistan, a large, old calaverite from Cripple Creek -Ex. Titmus, Denman, unique example of pyrargyrite, sternbergite, stephanite, and native arsenic from St. Andreasberg -Ex. Robertson, a magnificent blue willemite cast from Tsumeb, and much, MUCH more!!!
As always, every auction starts at just $1 with no reserve!!! There are literally thousands of dollars up for grabs - don't miss out!!!


* * *EXCITING NEWS!!!* * *

      We are very proud and HONORED to announce our largest Collection Acquisition to date, and maybe ever!

      We have recently reached a deal to share with you the personal collection of Kay Robertson - a literal "treasure trove" of specimens, many of which were not seen by but a few other collectors for 50 years!

      Kay Robertson built an amazingly diverse collection over nearly 90 years of collecting, from a time when so much was available on the mineral market that is simply gone now. The breadth and depth of her collection is hard to equal, almost impossible going forward. She had long planned to donate her collection, but has now decided to sell it and share her life's passion with the world of collectors in a special deal structured to let us offer most of the pieces for sale at auction, so different from how the important collections are normally dispersed quietly and under the table by the big dealers. Her attitude is that, if it must sell, to share it with the largest number of collectors possible, and to archive online all the information she has collected on mineral specimens since the 1930s.

      The collection has old classics, old localities, and a stunning variety of species - over 12,000 pieces! It was simply too big for any one dealer to handle. We struck a deal to handle several thousand specimens from the collection over the next 3-5 years, and have now made our first selection of 500 rare and valuable old specimens that we will be listing throughout the upcoming weeks and months! These old classics will be exclusively available only through our auctions on eBay and through fellow dealer Rob Lavinsky of The Arkenstone, with whom we partnered with on this collection! We each picked specimens from the first few cabinets of the collection, and then put the rest in storage for now so that more fresh pieces can come out in parcels over the next few years for our customers to enjoy!

      I HIGHLY recommend reading the following information about this amazing woman's remarkable life and career in collecting here: Mineralogical Record Collector Profile: Kay Robertson

      As well as this blog detailing the trip to pack the collection and the reasons for its sale here: Kay Robertson Collection - 90 years of Collecting Treasures

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